Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Disease We're Getting Wrong

A couple of weeks ago we shared a fascinating documentary that challenged our assumptions about diabetes, especially in developing countries. The public perception of type II diabetes is that it’s a disease of excess—the result of too much sugar in our diets and a sedentary lifestyle. But The New Face of Diabetes, a documentary by executive producer Elliot Kirschner, director Adam Bolt, producer Jessica Harrop, and editor Regina Sobel, published here on Motherboard, builds on the idea that this is only one part of the picture when dealing with a misunderstood disease.

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In this episode of Radio Motherboard we talked to Elliot Kirschner about the film, and how science continues to evolve and change across the world. In essence, this wasn't a documentary just about diabetes. It was a useful look at how new discoveries are slowly incorporated into our worldview, and how scientists in countries like India often struggle to be accepted in the scientific community.

Motherboard will be hosting more documentaries from Kirschner and his team, and they will all be eye-opening like this one. Stay tuned.

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from The Disease We're Getting Wrong

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