Monday, 26 December 2016

First trailer for Alien: Covenant goes for the gore

Strap yourselves in, because Ridley Scott is trying to bring that action-packed Aliens feeling back to the Alien franchise with Covenant. Unfortunately, as you can see in the first trailer for this sequel to Prometheus, there's a lot of cheesiness in the mix.

This is one of those red band trailers that's so long that I worry it contains all the best scenes in the movie. We begin with an intense moment, probably late in the film, where characters are bursting with aliens (and we meet the legendary backburster neomorph--more on that in a second). Blood is everywhere! People are sweaty! The spaceship is on fire! OMG WTF!

Then we backtrack to meet our protagonists. There's David (Michael Fassbender), the freaky-ass android from Prometheus, who has his own plinky/creepy musical score. He's in a giant mansion all alone, the sole human-ish creature on a planet that's about to be visited by the Covenant.

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