Saturday, 29 October 2016

This Mod Makes 'Doom 4' Look Like It Came Out in 1993

The new Doom is great, but the old Doom will always have a special place in our hearts. The pixelated graphics, fast gameplay, gravely demon noises and repetitive soundtrack are permanently burned into the brains of gamers who grew stalking the halls of hell.

Over the years, nostalgic gamers hungry for more of the original have released hundreds of mods to keep the old game fresh and new. Now, one modder has pulled the best stuff from 2016’s Doom and crammed it into 1993’s Doom. The results look fantastic.

Modder dbthanathos dropped a trailer for Doom 4 Doom 2.0 this week to hype the community for a Halloween release. The mod brings the weapons and gameplay of Doom 4 into the world of Doom. Starting on Halloween, the Doom Marine can sprint through the wastes of low-res mars, using glory kills to punch and kick demons as god intended.

This mod is an upgrade, dbthanathos released the original version 66 days after the release of the new Doom and he’s spent the past few months refining the game to make it as brutal, bloody and fun as possible. Along with bug fixes, he’s added customizable glory kills, weapon upgrades, demon runes and some of the new Doom’s multiplayer only abilities.

Bethesda’s new take on Doom was great, but the original is so iconic it’ll never die as long as modders keep churning out new content. In the original game, arch-vile demons healed my fallen foes and blasted me with fireballs. They killed me a lot. Doom 4 Doom 2.0 will let me punch the smug arch-vile to death. That alone is worth reinstalling the original.

from This Mod Makes 'Doom 4' Look Like It Came Out in 1993

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