Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to Get Cyber for Halloween

Between 3D printing, drones and smartphones, you can be a Pumpkin King like no other. Crank out your best techno-savvy costume that could only be imagined in today’s digital world.

1. Dress up your new drone as a ghost and chase all your friends who laughed when your iPhone screen broke last summer. Other options: Flying spiders and flying clowns. *Shivers*

2. Go classic villain with this Venom mask from My Mini Factory and plot all the ways you can prank your friends dressed as Spiderman. Or just look awesome. You do you.

3. Have life imitate art and dress up as your favorite emoji or Snapchat filter. For ultimate sass, pick everyone’s favorite poop emoji (or go DIY with some brown felt, because 2016).

4. Channel your excitement for the next Star Wars release with this 3D-printed Kylo Ren mask from My Mini Factory. The mask is printed in several parts, but it’s worth the wait for the full “I’m-old-school-and-yet-modern-sci-fi effect.”

5. Perfect your Assassin’s Creed costume with these knife gauntlets from Thingiverse. You won’t be able to hide the awesomeness of this on-point costume accessory.

6. Up your zombie game with a 3D printed zombie mask from My Mini Factory, perfect for painting with lots and lots of fake blood.

7. If you’d rather skip the costumes all together and go straight for Halloween candy, we don’t blame you. Today’s on-demand economy make it easy to curate an order that will resurrect your sweet tooth. Honeybun offers on-demand delivery, and Dylan’s Candy Bar is a solid option for in-person 3D printed sweets.

Now the only thing that can scare you is a low battery warning on your Facebook Live stream.

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