Monday, 6 March 2017

How does Nintendo Switch actually stack up at a party?

"So, are you planning to take that Nintendo Switch to any rooftop parties?"

Pretty much every time I talk about Nintendo's new game system, I hear some version of this question. It's annoying, and it's Nintendo's fault. The weird home-portable hybrid system has an equally weird advertising campaign attached, full of hip, 20-something men and women refusing to put their game systems down when obligations arise. Pick-up basketball game, birthday party, dog needs to pee—better bring the Switch every time.

The system is now officially in stores, and the launch has been met with another wave of "social Switch" ads. But, man, nobody has invited me to a rooftop yet, let alone one whose party is served by a hipster, bowtie-wearing bartender. Even so, I persevere. I decided to grab my pre-ordered hardware, a bunch of controllers, and a few friends to test the new console in the kind of loud group settings that it just might be appropriate for (conveniently, this allows us to also expand on some concepts touched upon in Kyle Orland's lengthy system review).

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