Sunday, 12 February 2017

Watch This Educational PSA from the 1940s Explain Why You Feel So Hungover

Most of us have experienced a hangover at some point in our lives, which means that most of us have, sought out some miracle cure for the splitting headache and profound nausea that is the residue of the previous night's bender. Perhaps this involved chugging water, getting some tacos, experimenting with those sketchy miracle pills at the front of the 7/11, or having some dude in a party bus give you an IV drip.

But may I suggest a new hangover cure regimen: watching this 1940s educational PSA explain why you feel so hungover.

Produced for television by Encyclopedia Britannica in 1949, "Alcohol and the Human Body" is a gripping 12-minute odyssey about, well, alcohol and the human body. Produced in collaboration with Anton Carlson, the scientific director of the Research Council on Problems of Alcohol, the educational PSA covers everything from the production of different kinds of "intoxicating beverages" to how the body metabolizes different alcoholic beverages to the psychological and social effects of drinking too much.

Thanks lo-fi animations, cheesy acting and a soothing voiceover by the quintessential 1940s voiceover guy, it turns out that watching a video that explains how you wrecked your body last night can be surprisingly palliative.

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from Watch This Educational PSA from the 1940s Explain Why You Feel So Hungover

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