Sunday, 19 February 2017

Is this what the Nintendo Switch’s insides look like?

Images of what appears to be a teardown of a Nintendo Switch began circulating around the Internet on February 19. While it is impossible at this point to confirm the legitimacy of these images, the hardware pictured appears to have required some remarkable design and engineering chops. And several of the design points raise our confidence that these images are of the real thing—or at least of a prototype.

The leaked images of this possible Nintendo Switch contain a Chinese game-parts manufacturer's watermark. The device seen here puts component density first and foremost, with a Li-On battery that takes up nearly half of the hardware's footprint. Nintendo has previously confirmed that the Switch's battery will measure 4310 mAh, and that measure is printed on the battery seen in these images (which is also coated with some kind of foam, perhaps meant for both protection and heat management).

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