Monday, 13 February 2017

Can a Lovable Star Wars Droid Stop a Train in GTA 5?

Star Wars' cutest little droid BB-8 is in peril. It's job: to stop a moving train.

In this video by RZED, a Youtube channel that tests experiments in Grand Theft Auto, the worlds of Star Wars and GTA collide — almost literally.

BB-8, a droid from Star Wars, tries to stop a moving train from GTA 5. The scenery in the video alone is a spectacle, a reference to the the short, prickly, cactus-like Joshua trees in southern California. The BB-8 whizzes through the dust, cacti, and small trees in picturesque late afternoon sunlight until coming upon a set of train tracks.

The small, round droid, which looks like a robotic snowman composed of two round parts, rolls ahead of a train. The train eventually catches up to BB-8, rolling as fast as it can with the big cargo vehicle on its tail. With the train showing no signs of slowing down, BB-8 saves itself from a crash and rolls off the train tracks.

BB-8 tries again later at night. This time, however, the train crashes on its own, breaking apart and sending sparks flying. BB-8 meanwhile stays back on the sidelines behind weeds and bushes, watching the entire thing go down. Eventually making its way back to the train tracks, the cute little droid watches the train explode before its eyes, staying safe from a small distance. 

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So while the worlds of Star Wars and GTA 5 may have collided, the BB-8 was spared an actual, fatal collision.

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